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Over 90% our surgical procedures are performed with minimally invasive arthroscopy, using small cameras and incisions less than 5mm in size.


Complex fracture care and shoulder replacement surgeries are performed using open minimally invasive techniques designed to minimize incisions and disruption of surrounding tissues which speed recovery and reduce pain. 


We perform approximately 200 shoulder replacements annually. By comparison, the Academy of Orthopedics considers surgeons who perform at least 12 annually to be “high volume.” The numbers matter because over 90% of the shoulder replacements performed in the United States each year are performed by a surgeon who does 2 or fewer per year. 


Despite our high volume of rotator cuff repairs, should instability repairs, shoulder replacements, fracture care, and Tommy John surgery, we aremost proud of our non-surgical statistics.


In 2017, we were able to treat nearly 83% of our new patients without surgery, a statistic every surgeon should strive for. 


Shoulder instability if you will, is the tendency for the ball to fall off the socket or dislocate. For some people, it dislocates all the way and for some people it feels like it's going to dislocate. It doesn't have to be the result of trauma. Watch this short video from Dr. Cox about what causes shoulder instability, what you can do to prevent it/rehab it and whether or not you actually need surgery. Our goal at the Shoulder Center of Arkansas is to always stabilize your shoulder without surgery, if possible.

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rotator cuff

In our office, only 15% of people with rotator cuff tears end up having surgery. Our main goal is to help you get better without sending you to the operating room. If you fail conservative treatment, that's when we'll fix it. Then and only then! Watch this short video from Dr. Cox about Rotator Cuffs and what causes injuries to them, and how we can get you back to where you were before you hurt your rotator cuff.

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All Shoulder Arthritis isn't created equal. Shoulder replacements are wonderful procedures, for the right person. When done for the right reasons and for the right person, 95% of people get 100% pain relief. That's a proven statistic. The key is, is who is the right person? Watch this short video from Dr. Cox to determine if you are the right person!

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For an arthritic shoulder that does not have an intact rotator cuff or in some cases severe fractures of the shoulder, or rotator cuff tears where repairs haven't healed properly or tendons that aren't repairable, there's another procedure called a Reverse Shoulder Replacement. It's a physics equation that we use to our advantage. Watch this short video from Dr. Cox to learn more about Reverse Shoulder Replacements.

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TRM Rehab partner

One thing that makes the UAMS Health different and special is our Therapy Team. It's a collaborative effort with Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Coaches. There's not a partition between any of us. We've personalized the therapy experience which helps us tear down walls and opens up the care for patients. Watch this short video from Dr. Cox about what sets the Shoulder Center of Arkansas apart from the rest.

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